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PodTech:Going for an Oscar and they just might get it!

Editor Tim Sternberg has directed his first documentary short and it\’s a peach. Salim Baba, about a man in Kalkota who takes his Lumiere projector into the street to show movies to kids. This talk is with Sternberg and his inspired camera operator, Francisco Bello. Sadly, this is my last vodcast for podtech. I am grateful they got me started and there is so much more for me to learn. But my goal was to offer a full range of people engaged in movies and I think I succeeded there. I think it\’s harder after seeing my 27 shows to say that movie making is nearly over. And it\’s easier to see how the internet has given the business new life. In keeping with the open spirit I offer \”Going for an Oscar and they might just get it!\”



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