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PodTech:Ken Burns

en Burns was at the Telluride Film Festival last weekend, where I spoke with him on the street, before he came to San Francisco for a special screening of his new series, The War, this weekend at the Letterman Digital Arts Center. \”The War\” airs on television September 23rd.

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Tom Luddy: Movie Picks

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Last weekend, the “Witness to War: Documentary Perspectives World War II to Iraq” was programmed by the inestimable and reliable Tom Luddy. He has had a long and varied career in the business that has, in part, resulted in him producing eleven movies. He also started the Telluride Film Festival thirty-three years ago, with Bill and Stella Pence, who retired in 2006. The festival is now run by Luddy, along with Gary Meyer.

Correction: Luddy oversaw the exhibition of the restored “Napolean” not the restoration.

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